Research Bridges

Forth Rail Bridge, Edingburgh

The largely complementary set-up and long-standing cooperation of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with Heidelberg University are two of the main criteria leading to the establishment of so far six comprehensive key areas as HEiKA research bridges.

Stimulated and moderated by their respective directors mutual exchange on scientific direction, new research topics and perspecitves on joint research projects are being discussed in workshops and other joint meetings.


HEiKA Projects

are joint projects of scientists from the University of Heidelberg and KIT with the aim of deepening and expanding the cooperation between the two partner institutions with regard to the research bridges of HEiKA.
Upon selection within our annual project call, the individual project teams are each funded with starting funds of up to € 80,000 for a maximum of one year.

The HEiKA Project Funding has been in existence since 2013 and has since then started annually in January. The corresponding call for projects starts in May of the previous year and usually ends with the selection of the projects in the course of the Okotober.


Research bridges

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