Research bridge

Functional Materials (FM)


At the end of 2017, the research bridge "Organic Electronics" reorganized and expanded with regard to the research topics involved. This is also reflected in the new term "Functional Materials" for the Research Bridge.

The scientific foundations here are the optimal synergies between KIT and the University of Heidelberg in the area of production (synthesis) and structure determination of new materials, as well as the long-term cooperation in top clusters, such as "Forum Organic Electronics" as well as in the Innovation Lab with its associated cleanroom laboratory, as well as high-resolution electron microscopy at both locations. Together with the Center for Advanced Materials - CAM at the University of Heidelberg, which also focuses on the basic research of new organic materials and the Material Research Center for Energy Systems - MZE at KIT, the mapping of the entire value chain in the region will be further promoted.



HEiKA-Projects of this research bridge