HEiKAexplore Workshop

Jun 24 2019

"Autonomous systems in the area of ​​conflict between law, ethics, technology and culture"

We cordially invite you to the workshop of the Research Bridge HEiKAexplore!

Date / Time
IWH, Heidelberg

Hauptstrasse 242
Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg
69117 Heidelberg

In the Year of Science 2019 on Artificial Intelligence, it becomes particularly clear what significance this key technology has today and will play in the future. On the one hand, technological innovations, opportunities and challenges are moving into the social field of vision. On the other hand, there are legal, ethical, social and cultural issues.

The authors of the successful topic proposal are currently driving the content of this topic forward (download below). In this context, the workshop offers the opportunity for the participants to open up further subfields for the topic. The objectives of the workshop are also concrete plans for possible applications within the current HEiKA call for projects (deadline: 4 September 2019). In order to identify new synergies, it will be possible to present your own research / interest in the form of a poster or a short presentation.

Another point of discussion should be possible future perspectives for the HEiKAexplore topic, which go beyond the start-up support provided by HEiKA.

We are looking forward to meeting you!




  • How does your research interest fit in the given topic „Autonomous systems in the area of conflict between law, ethics, technology and culture"?
  • Which specific connecting factors do you see/are the most important from your point of view?
  • What contribution can/would you like to make to the given topic area within a cooperation?
  • What synergies/expertises do you expect from a cooperation?




Please present your specific research interests on a poster (size Din A1) and answer the questions (box to the right).

There will be space for up to 16 posters („first come first serve"), if all poster spaces are occupied, you can give a short presentation.

Short presentation

Please describe your specific research interests in a short presentation (max. 2 slides) and answer the questions (box to the right).

For the subsequent group discussion and poster session, it may be useful to have some printouts of your presentation ready.

Of course you are welcome to participate without presentation/poster!

Program HEiKAexplore Workshop

  1. (application/pdf, 206.34 KB)

Autonomous Systems in the area of conflict between law, ethics, technolgoy & culture (description)

  1. (application/pdf, 571.78 KB)