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News: HEiKA Centre FunTECH-3D

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HEiKA office

Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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HEiKA Poster & Flyer
HEiKA Flyer 2013

HEiKA poster (A2) and  flyer are available now!

For HQ print versions please contact the HEiKA office.

Six new members joint the Board of Directors since July

New directors have been apointed by the rectorates not only for the new Research Bridge HEiKAexplore but also for three of the established bridges. Also new within the board are representatives for junior researchers of KIT and Heidelberg Universtity. Learn more about the members of the Board of Directors...

NEW! Start of the new HEiKA Centre for Materials Research

"Fuctional Materials and Technologies for 3D-Structures and Systems" (FunTECH-3D) are at the centre of the joint research interest of KIT and Heidelberg University

and are the basis for the joint sucess at a call for "regional research alliances" published by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg in 2015. With the start of funding the new HEiKA centre offers several positions (temporary) for junior researchers and academic staff. Read more about job offers anf futher informatione on our german websites...

Evaluation of HEiKA in March/April 2016

Following the overall positive evaluation of HEiKA the Research Board and the Board of Directors decided on some major changes following the reviewers' recommendations.

The previous Research Bridge Nature, Technology and Society (NTS) will not be continued as before, but will undergo a fundamental adjustment becoming a new investigative Research Bridge - HEiKAexplore (see also below).

Consequently there will be no call for project proposals within the scope of NTS with the forthcoming HEiKA call 2016.

If you had planed to submitt a so called across-Research Bridge project proposal, involving NTS, it can be assigned to one of the four remaining Research Bridges AIP, MTH, OE or SB and submitted.


Further information also in our current HEiKA Newsletter [PDF 112 KB].


New Research Bridge HEiKAexplore

supersedes the previous Research Bridge Nature, Technology and Society (NTS)!

Starting with a call for topic outlines the new Research Bridge is introduced together with the upcoming HEiKA call for joint projects.

Learn more about the new investigative Research Bridge HEiKAexplore...