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Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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Every year joint projects between the University of Heidelberg and the KIT will be funded in the framework of HEiKA.

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HEiKA Info Flyer - (booklet: PDF, 674 KB)

HEiKA press releases

Titel Unispiegel

KITs research magazine lookKIT features in the issue 3/2014, pg 68 ff an article on the HEiKA project of Patric Meyer (Uni HD/ZI) and Björn Hein (KIT).







In the issue of August 2013 a short article (PDF, 147 KB) about HEiKA was pusblished in the magazine Unispiegel (page 3) -  a quarterly news paper of Heidelberg University.





In July 2013 an article (PDF, 255 KB) about HEiKA was published in the research magazine lookKIT of the KIT describing the beginning and aims of HEiKA and presenting 3 of the current HEiKA projects.


HEiKA Events

Program HEiKA Workshop Nature, Technology, Society in April 2015

Program HEiKA Symposium 2014 "Demographic Change - healthy and active ageing"

Program HEiKA Retreat 2014

Program Workshop Nature, Technology, Society in May 2014

Program Workshop Synthetic Biology in May 2014

Program Workshop Medical Technology for Health in April 2014

Speaker at the Symposium "Technische Unterstützung für Menschen mit Demenz" supported by HEiKA

Program HEiKA Retreat 2013 (PDF, 445 KB)

Poster: International Symposium on Synthetic Biology co-organized by HEiKA