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Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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A novel dark matter signal at the LHC: di-Higgs plus missing energy

A novel dark matter signal at the LHC: di-Higgs plus missing energy

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Westhoff, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Heidelberg

Dr. Jose Zurita, Institut für Kernphysik, KIT

Project Group:Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology





Dark matter is a necessary ingredient to our understanding of the Universe, yet its particle
nature is still a mystery. Present searches for particle dark matter at collider experiments and
via direct and indirect detection have not revealed a signal. It is therefore important to devise
and explore new signatures of dark matter at current and future experiments, in order to cover
their full reach in dark matter searches. In this project, we propose the study of a novel LHC
signature with two Higgs bosons and dark matter. Such a signature naturally arises in
theoretically well-motivated Higgs-portal models, where dark matter interacts with the standard
model primarily through the Higgs boson. The Higgs bosons can be reconstructed from their
decay products, while the dark matter particles yield missing transverse energy in the event,
leading to a unique signature with very low standard-model background. Our goal is to
investigate this signature from two perspectives: We will build simplified models that lead to this
novel signature; and we will study in detail the most promising final states for its observation.
The use of modern reconstruction techniques, such as jet substructure, will be key to identify
the Higgs bosons while efficiently rejecting the background. Establishing the LHC sensitivity to
the di-Higgs signature will trigger a plethora of studies of the phenomenological implications of
the underlying models in particle and astro-particle physics, as well as in cosmology. It will
furthermore influence the existing theoretical and experimental searches for dark matter and
Higgs pair production at the LHC.