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Call for HEiKAexplore topic

Submitt topic outline using our form [DOC 20 KB]

via e-mail: exploreOsw8∂heika-research de

Call topic outlines [PDF 349 KB]

deadline: 19 February 2018


Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

infoWmu0∂heika-research de

HEiKA call for major topic outlines (HEiKAexplore)

HEiKA is calling for outlines in order to identify and select the next major topic for the new research bridge HEiKAexplore

Within the frame of the Research Bridge HEiKAexplore we are calling for outlines of new major topics with strategic importance to Heidelberg University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The Research Bridge HEiKAexplore is regularly addressing new major topics to encourage existing collaborations and to foster new ones. The selection of the designated major topic will be initiated by the members of KIT and Heidelberg University by means of the bottom-up process described below. Following the decision joint projects within the selected major topic will be eligible for application within the next HEiKA call for projects (May 2018).


Sought after are joint topics, outside of the scopes of the existing HEiKA research bridges (AIP, MTH, OE, PAC and SB), with the capacity to initiate new research associations. Hereunto suggestions for those topics can be submitted in form of outlines. These outlines provide the basis for the HEiKA Research Board to select the next major topic for HEiKAexplore for the next call for HEiKA projects.

Target group

Members of KIT and Heidelberg University are invited to participate in the advancement of HEiKA by submitting an outline for a major topic.

The submitting team must be composed of two or more scientists holding a doctoral degree, at least one from each partner institution


Application Deadline & Submission

The topic outlines must be submitted via e-mail by 2018-02-19 (deadline). For this purpose please use the following e-mail address: exploreOwh5∂heika-research de. Please note that delayed submissions cannot be accepted.

The central point of the outline (one A4 page max., in German or English) should be a brief description regarding the content of the topic (field of research, common activities, planed initiatives etc.) as well as its strategic importance for both KIT and Heidelberg University. In order to provide an overview of the diversity in terms of existing scientific participation, involved scientists and institutes must be named. Please use the form (DOC 20 KB) that will also provide further details.

Selection procedure

The HEiKA Research Board will select the new major topic for HEiKAexplore during its meeting end of February 2018. That will be followed up by a topic-related workshop early summer 2018, where all stakeholders will be invited to get-together and to form (new) project teams. The call for projects in the selected topic will be together with the annual HEiKA call in May 2018.


Download Call for topic outlines [PDF 349 KB]

Contact: HEiKA Office, Regine Kleber & María García, info∂heika-research.de