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Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse
Institute of Organic Chemistry


Heidelberg University
Prof. Dr. Roland Eils


Synthetic Biology (SB)

Hydra vulgaris, (Source: T. Holstein)

Synthetic Biology is understood as the co-action of molecular biology, organic chemistry, engineering science, nano bio technology and information technology.

The research bridge focusses on the development of new bio materials with functional surfaces, stem cell research and tissue engineering, re-engineering of signaling as well as modelling and supercomputing.

Existing joint work: DFG Forschergrupppe FOR1036: "Mechanisms, functions and evolution of Wnt signaling pathways"

Funded HEiKA projects in the Research Bridge SB

Funding period 2018

ALLGAYER / WAGENKNECHT, "Synthesis of single cell, single molecule RNA probes for the detection of enogenous microRNAs in human cancer to dentify metastatically relevant cance cell fractions in heterogenous tumors"

Funding period 2017

ERFLE / POPOVA, “Eradicating integrin-mediated resistance to the cancer therapies by combinatorial screening in 3D using miniaturized Droplet-Microarrays
CAVALCANTI-ADAM / NIEMEYER, "Multi-scale DNA structures for synthetic biology of cell-matrix interactions"
UTIKAL / LEE-THEDIECK, "Tailor-made biomaterials for human induced pluripotent stem cells: significance of physical parameters in self-renewal, differentiation and reprogramming"
GRIMM / SCHEPERS, "Molecular evolution of synthetic Adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors in an artificial microvascular liver system and their use for cell-specific gene knockdown/knock-out"

Funding period 2016

GUSE / BRÄSE, “Development of novel compound classes to establish the marine sea anemone Aiptasia as a laboratory system for coral symbiosis
SCHWARZ / BASTMEYER, "Engineering the three-dimensional environment of eukaryotic cells: a combined experimental and modeling Approach"
JÄNISCH / LÖFFLER, "A proof-of-concept approach for high-throughput screening of protective vs. harmful antibody profiles in infectious diseases"

Funding period 2015

DI VENTURA / KASSEL, "Shedding light on myogenesis: Novel optogenetic tools to control muscle progenitor cells differentiation"
ÖZBEK / JUNG, "Functional Analysis of TRPN/NOMPC channels and mechanosensation by novel small molecule inhibitors"
FRICKER / SCHEPERS, "In vitro reconstruction of dynamic blood brain barrier using µ3DVAsc as an artificial microvascular System"

Funding period 2014

WITTBRODT / GRABHER, "Quantitative in vivo mapping and Analysis of physiological H2O2 - dependent redox homeostasis in stem cells of the zebrafish central nervous system"
ULLRICH / BASTMEYER, "Shaping the heart - structural and functional maturation of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes on novel 3D micro-patterned scaffolds for myocardial repair"
WUCHTER / GOTTWALD, "Chip-basierte Mikrobioreaktoren erhalten die Plastizität humaner hämatopoetischer Stammzellen in künstlichen Nischen"

Funding period 2013

JÄSCHKE / NIENHAUS, “Artificial riboswitches as control elements in synthetic biology
HOLSTEIN / BRÄSE, “On the Roots of Stemness: New tools to study stem cell behaviour and regeneration