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Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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Prof. Mathias Gutmann
Institute for Philosophy

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Heidelberg University
Prof. Ulrich Platt
Institute of Environmental Physics

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Nature, Technology, Society (NTS)

The Research Bridge Nature, Technology, Society (NTS) focuses particularly on interdisciplinary research and transdisciplinary reflection of cross-sectional questions that transcend the borders between sciences, humanities, social- and cultural-studies.

Among the topics that build the scope of NTS research are epistemic, ethical and anthropological questions concerning Bio- and Climate-engineering, the limits and perspectives of environmental modelling, scenarios of environmental and climate change, and some paradigmatic concepts that are highly relevant e.g. for synthetic biology and systems biology such as life- and life-cycle-concepts.

The strategic aim of NTS is the improvement of synergy-potentials between humanities and social sciences in Heidelberg, the Institute for Philosophy and the ITAS at the KIT by shared teaching-classes, summer schools and scientific cooperation.

Workshop NTS on April, 23

On April, 23 2015 a Workshop of the HEiKA Research Bridge "Nature, Technology, Society" took place in Karlsruhe at the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics.

We had a very interesting day and good discussions with participants from KIT as well as from Heidelberg University and gained a fascinating insight in the Research labs of the IPR.

The presentations of the workshop:
General informations HEiKA
7th German-Brazilian Symposium for Sustainable Development
Heidelberg Center for the Environment

Funded HEiKA projects in the Research Bridge NTS