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Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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Heidelberg University
Prof. Dr. Rasmus Schröder
BioQuant / CellNetworks

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nienhaus
Institute for Applied Physics

Advanced Imaging Platform (AIP)

Ultramikrotomie (Quelle: Gengenbach/Schröder)
Ultramikrotomy (source: Gengenbach/Schröder)

The AIP establishes an integrated research program on advancing imaging methods including optical, electron and x-ray modalities.

The platform also covers correlative approaches aimed at combining these modalities to extend the structural and temporal information that can be extracted from an individual sample under study.

Important aspects in the framework of the “AIP” are technical advances of the various imaging techniques, development of novel contrast agents, advancements of preparation techniques and image data processing software for the different imaging modalities and combinations thereof.

Funded HEiKA projects in the Research Bridge AIP (former CIP)

News - Research Bridge Correlative Imaging Platform

Renaming of the Research Bridge Correlative Imaging Platform into Advanced Imaging Platform

The HEiKA Research Bridge "Correlative Imaging Platform" was renamed into "Advanced Imaging Platform" in order to broaden the community and the topics in this Research Bridge.