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HEiKA Geschäftsstelle

Dr. Regine Kleber and

María García

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse
Institut für Organische Chemie


Universität Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. Roland Eils


Synthetic Biology (SB)

Hydra vulgaris (Bildquelle: T. Holstein)

Im Zusammenwirken von Molekularbiologie, organischer Chemie, Ingenieurwissenschaften, Nano-Biotechnologie und Informationstechnik werden hier Schwerpunkte auf die Entwicklung neuer Bio-materialien, auf Stammzellforschung und Tissue Engineering, Re-Engineering von Signalwegen sowie Modelling und Supercomputing gesetzt.


Geförderte HEiKA Projekte in der Forschungsbrücke SB

Förderperiode 2018

ALLGAYER / WAGENKNECHT, "Synthesis of single cell, single molecule RNA probes for the detection of enogenous microRNAs in human cancer to dentify metastatically relevant cance cell fractions in heterogenous tumors"

Förderperiode 2017

ERFLE / POPOVA, “Eradicating integrin-mediated resistance to the cancer therapies by combinatorial screening in 3D using miniaturized Droplet-Microarrays
CAVALCANTI-ADAM / NIEMEYER, "Multi-scale DNA structures for synthetic biology of cell-matrix interactions"
UTIKAL / LEE-THEDIECK, "Tailor-made biomaterials for human induced pluripotent stem cells: significance of physical parameters in self-renewal, differentiation and reprogramming"
GRIMM / SCHEPERS, "Molecular evolution of synthetic Adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors in an artificial microvascular liver system and their use for cell-specific gene knockdown/knock-out"

Förderperiode 2016

GUSE / BRÄSE, “Development of novel compound classes to establish the marine sea anemone Aiptasia as a laboratory system for coral symbiosis
SCHWARZ / BASTMEYER, "Engineering the three-dimensional environment of eukaryotic cells: a combined experimental and modeling Approach"
JÄNISCH / LÖFFLER, "A proof-of-concept approach for high-throughput screening of protective vs. harmful antibody profiles in infectious diseases"

Förderperiode 2015

DI VENTURA / KASSEL, "Shedding light on myogenesis: Novel optogenetic tools to control muscle progenitor cells differentiation"
ÖZBEK / JUNG, "Functional Analysis of TRPN/NOMPC channels and mechanosensation by novel small molecule inhibitors"
FRICKER / SCHEPERS, "In vitro reconstruction of dynamic blood brain barrier using µ3DVAsc as an artificial microvascular System"

Förderperiode 2014

WITTBRODT / GRABHER, "Quantitative in vivo mapping and Analysis of physiological H2O2 - dependent redox homeostasis in stem cells of the zebrafish central nervous system"
ULLRICH / BASTMEYER, "Shaping the heart - structural and functional maturation of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes on novel 3D micro-patterned scaffolds for myocardial repair"
WUCHTER / GOTTWALD, "Chip-basierte Mikrobioreaktoren erhalten die Plastizität humaner hämatopoetischer Stammzellen in künstlichen Nischen"

Förderperiode 2013

JÄSCHKE / NIENHAUS, “Artificial riboswitches as control elements in synthetic biology
HOLSTEIN / BRÄSE, “On the Roots of Stemness: New tools to study stem cell behaviour and regeneration