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On the Roots of Stemness: New tools to study stem cell behaviour and regeneration

On the Roots of Stemness: New tools to study stem cell behaviour and regeneration

Prof. Dr. Thomas Holstein, Kontakt
Centre for Organismal Studies, Universität Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse, Kontakt
Institut für Organische Chemie, KIT


Synthetic Biology





Key regulatory networks that integrate environmental signals together with genetic control mechanisms and ultimately regulate cell behavior are central to stem cell function. In this proposal we aim to study these mechanisms by establishing an interdisciplinary team bridging expertise at Karlsruhe (KIT) and Heidelberg (COS). This team will focus on two projects forming part of a complementary study of plant and hydra stem cell models currently established at COS.
1) It will develop a microfluidics based system using expertise in IMT, KIT enabling the isolation of the small population of stem cells in the plant meristem and then the subsequent assay of genome wide protein-DNA interactions.
2) It will establish a 3D cell culture system in conjunction with expertise at IBG1, KIT that accurately mimics the local cell environment during the process of whole body regeneration of dissociated hydra (“life on a chip”).
Then in collaboration with Complat, KIT the team will use this in vitro system as the basis of a chemical genetics screen for small synthetic compounds that specifically disrupt regeneration. These compounds will serve as tools to further explore the signalling systems coordinating hydra stem cell function during regeneration.